Introducing Scott from Gym Lab

If you know UNIT NINE you know we are always training and we have found the perfect partner for our training gear it is Gym Lab.  Gym Lab is a multipurpose gym spray that disinfects and deodorises all gym equipment, gear, accessories and surfaces. It helps to protect from germs and viruses by killing 99.9% of bacteria present, whilst also leaving a fresh and light eucalyptus fragrance that is completely natural and known for its excellent disinfecting properties. 

We are super excited that we found Gym Lab it is the ONLY product we use on any of our products to keep them clean, so all you need to worry about is strapping on those gloves and get punching!!

Introducing Scott!


Tell us about Gym Lab and what it is all about?

Gym Lab is a true world first – it’s an antibacterial spray with the light scent of eucalypt. It’s fast and effective – drying with no oily residue within 30 seconds, leaving your equipment sanitized and ready to use. It’s perfect for any piece of gym equipment or surface, and as you know it’s especially handy for un-washable gear like boxing gloves, pads, gym bags and shoes. 

Why did you create Gym Lab spray?

I noticed a huge gap in the market for a product that was effective, environmentally friendly, and was a product that gym members would actually want to use – it’s a pretty empowering thing to take responsibility for your own health and safety and that of other people around you – no one likes sitting on or touching other people’s sweat!

It’s pretty alarming when you stop and think about how many gyms are relying on antibacterial wipes – a single gym could go through hundreds of these cleaning wipes every day – and the reality is that these wipes end up becoming landfill or clogging up drainage pipes when someone decides to flush them. Besides the environmental implication which is a big enough issue on its own – we understand that these wipes simply can’t get into those hard to reach corners of equipment to give your gym gear a proper clean, which is where Gym Lab comes in.


What makes Gym Lab spray so special?

We believe it’s a combination of it being an Australian made product using only Aussie ingredients, formulated with my 30+ years of aerosol industry knowledge, coupled with the fact that we’ve created a product that gets the job done with no fuss – it’s effective, it’s so quick and easy to use, and it’s really such a versatile product. One of the best features of Gym Lab is that we’ve used a 360 degree valve, so it can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down – great for cleaning underneath your seat on a stationary bike.

Where can we buy Gym Lab spray?

We are really excited to be stocked in a growing number of gyms and fitness centres around Australia. We can now say that we have recently been picked up by all of the 12 Round gyms, a lot of the F45 gyms now stock Gym Lab as well as a number of boutique boxing gyms. Our website is and we’re always happy to help find our customers nearest stockists if need be.

What is next for Gym Lab?

Once we’ve got Australia covered, ideally we’d love to see Gym Lab stocked in gyms and fitness centres overseas!

More about you now Scott, how did you get into the Health and Fitness industry?

About 10 years ago my wife and I started training at Bulldog Gym Castle Hill where we did Muay Thai training. We did about 4-5 years of training there 3 times a week – training in this sport you have a lot of gear that can’t really be washed properly – gloves, pads, bag, shoes – so this started to form the basis for the concept behind Gym Lab. My wife has also practiced Bikram Yoga 4 days a week for the last 8 years or so, where again you have unwashable gear like your mat so Gym Lab was really born out of necessity. My background is really within the manufacturing industry but with Gym Lab I’ve been able to marry my industry expertise with our passion for keeping fit and healthy.

The benefits of being active are numerous so I try to be as health conscious as possible.

Where else would we find you getting your sweat on?

 I’m probably a bit more of an incidental exerciser than your typical gym goer to be honest! We have a very active 3 year old English Staffy named Saint who I run with to our local dog park once or twice a day! That tends to keep both of us pretty fit. You can see what Saint gets up to via his Instagram - @saintthestaffyofficial – he’s known to help plug Gym Lab for us as well as come along for the ride to do some local Gym Lab deliveries with me.

Where is your favourite spot to refuel?

These days my weekends are pretty busy with Gym Lab deliveries and sales calls but I usually always find my way to Harry’s at Bondi, or The Good One, right across the road from Harry’s. They both do awesome coffee and great food. If I need a bit of a treat after making a Gym Lab delivery, I’ll pick up a Gym Boy protein soft serve if they’re around.



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