Next up in our series of simple workouts you can do ANYWHERE ANYTIME, have a look at our miniband workout, it will get those legs and glutes fired up. Aim is to go through each round of five exercises without resting and then taking a 60 second break between each of the rounds. Target between 3-5 rounds. LET’S GO! 


For something extra, our complete UNIT NINE SWEAT PACK offers you 5 different product you can take wherever you go, with loads of extra exercises to help you get your sweat on.   

 1) Crab Walks

10 - 15 reps


2) Jumping Squats

10 - 15 reps


3) Kick Backs

15 - 20 reps


4) Glute Bridges

15 - 20 reps


5) Clams

15 - 20 reps



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