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Next up in our series of simple workouts you can do ANYWHERE ANYTIME, have a look at our cardio session, it will have you huffing & puffing in now time. Aim is to go through each round of three exercises without resting and then taking a 60 second break between each of the rounds. Target between 3-5 rounds. LET’S GO!


 For something extra, our complete UNIT NINE SWEAT PACK offers you 5 different product you can take wherever you go, with loads of extra exercises to help you get your sweat on.   


1) Skipping

  1. a) 30 seconds of basic skipping
  2. b) 30 seconds of high knee sprint skipping
  3. c) 30 seconds of basic skipping
  4. d) 30 seconds of high knee sprint skipping


2) Burpees

15 – 20 reps



3) Mountain Climbers

20 – 30 reps


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