UNIT NINE collaboration with our awesome friends at LOVE SWEATS YOGA!

Mid July we had the privilege of teaming up with Steph Scott at LOVE SWEAT YOGA to participate in their great cause.


Their mission is to help tackle social isolation and enable others to do the same! They do this through collaborations, yoga and healthy practices. Their approach focusses on a few key things:

  • Making yoga accessible
  • Raising funds for services & programs
  • Generating awareness of key issues around social isolation
  • Creating connections and building communities
  • Equipping and educating people with healthy tools and skills

Through collaborations with organisations they aim to make yoga accessible, raise funds for services that draw people out of social isolation, create connections and equip people with healthy ways to deal with emotions and stressors that can cause them to feel isolated.

Below are pictures of the yoga sessions the LOVE SWEATS YOGA team ran at Sunstudios & The Grounds, both in Alexandria.




The Grounds



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