UNIT NINE’S 5 mins with our favourites – Nick Walsh from Sweaty Soul

We love trying out new studios and meeting people who have passion and drive in the health and wellbeing industry and we were very lucky last week to meet Nick Walsh who not only is part of the coaching team at the GWS Giants AFL team he also recently opened his own training studio. Sweaty Soul is a boutique training studio based in Sydney and the classes include Sweaty Spin, Soul Searching Boxing, Fit Hit  as well as Pilates (mat), what more could you ask for?  We tried out the boxing class and we had an absolute blast, lots of energy, learning some new techniques and importantly we got a HUGE sweat on.

How did you originally get into AFL Coaching?

Originally from a small town in Ireland called Cavan where I grew up playing Gaelic Football which is a very similar sport to AFL.  I was lucky enough to represent Ireland at the age of 15, in the old U17 International Rules Series against Australia. The year later I captained Ireland and was exposed further to AFL when drafted to the Melbourne Football Club in 2001. I spent 3 years on Melbourne's list before returning home due to injury. I returned to Australia in 2011 to work with the newly established GWS Giants as a S&C Coach and since then have progressed to Assistant Coach, coaching Team Defence.

Why did you decide to open Sweaty Soul?

I can see that people of Sydney are motivated to participate in fitness activity. I want to provide variety to those people in a small boutique group setting.  At Sweaty Soul, offering classes such as Spin, Boxing & Functional training in a small group setting allows people to meet their needs and have that variety in their training as they see fit.

I have a passion for fitness and a bigger passion for building a good team of people, who can contribute to positively enhancing peoples’ fitness needs in the eastern suburbs.

How are you using your extensive experience in coaching at Sweaty Soul?

Coaching for me is about facilitating the needs & learning of players to be the best they can be. At SS I am trying to develop a team of instructors, PTs and more importantly good people to offer the services of fitness in a small group setting to the local community in and around Edgecliff & Rushcutters Bay

How do you balance your week between the AFL coaching, Sweaty Soul and training?

AFL coaching is very demanding as well as running my own business, although challenging, all my PTs and instructors offer a helping hand in several aspects. Time management, communication and sustaining good relationships helps to give all my team a strong leadership role at our studio.

How often do you train per week and what is your favourite form of training?

I try and do something every day. Boxing has been my fall back sport for years and I love putting on the head gear and going 8-10 rounds of light sparring with some of my close friends I have made here in Sydney.

Where do you get your sweat on?

Generally, train early mornings at the football club as we have an amazing high performance facility and most of our football staff get in early and do something. If not that, I head to the boxing gym at PCYC, Woolloomooloo. Or just simply get out and have a little run. Of course, in the quiet times, I love to close the doors and get my sweat on at Sweaty Soul.

Where is your favourite spot to refuel?

I'm generally an on the go man, but when I do feel like a little people watching and good food generally pop down to Bake Bar in Double Bay.

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