UNIT NINE’S five mins with our favourites – SUMALEE Boxing Gym in Thailand Owner, Dr Lynne Miller

We travelled to Thailand on holiday recently to do our favourite things, train, go to the beach and eat amazing food! We looked at many Muay Thai training places pre-setting off and loved the look of Sumalee in Phuket.  Sumalee has everything …. amazing trainers and facilities, accommodation on site if you want to stay there, a pool, yoga studio the list goes on. We loved every minute of training at Sumalee, the trainers are fun, but push you when needed. We also met lots of great people from all around the world training there and the most important part we got a HUGE sweat on...

For more information on Sumalee Boxing Gym visit www.sumaleeboxinggym.com

Why did you decide to open Sumalee Boxing Gym?

Initially I spent some time training myself at a camp in the south of Phuket.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I ended up investing in that business but once I got behind the scenes I realised my aspirations were completely different from those of my business partner.  That camp modelled a traditional Thai fight gym and the market it was attracting was primarily people fighters.  I saw tremendous potential for expanding the market and felt a huge gap in provision existed.  I seized the opportunity to take advantage of this and do something I had always wanted to do, which was to live and work in the East.

Why should people visit Sumalee over other boxing camps?

Sumalee has a completely different ethos to other Muay Thai training camps in Phuket which tend to focus their efforts on fighters and fighting.  We focus on our customers with the aim of giving them the opportunity to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.  We take a holistic approach and offer much more than just excellence in Muay Thai training.  We focus on mind and body as well through our yoga program and the superb nutrition we provide in our Ringside Restaurant.  Our concept borrows the ‘retreat’ idea and sets it in the context of Muay Thai.  This has never been done before and judging from the number of repeat customers we get, it works really well.

What are the benefits of Muay Thai?

Muay Thai itself has enormous benefits, regardless of the level you approach it at.  It is a vigorous and full body work out which if taken to its extreme where the participant fights, pushes you well beyond your limits by presenting the ultimate challenge.  However, you certainly don’t have to enter the ring to reap the rewards of Muay Thai training.  It is fun and challenging at the same time.  Students leave us feeling fitter, leaner, more confident and often several kgs lighter.

Refuel and relax is the only way to go!

Where do you get your sweat on?

As I said I used to train Muay Thai myself when I first came to Thailand and I had the best time.  Nowadays I prefer to exercise away from my own gym for all sorts of reasons.  As I have become older I have looked to exercise which has a lower impact on my joints.  I started practicing yoga about four years ago and have felt enormous benefits both mentally and physically as a result.  It was for this reason that we introduced the yoga program into Sumalee and it is very, very popular.  I also do a cycling class at least three times a week at AbsoluteYou in Phuket.  Again these classes are fun and energising.  They certainly stimulate you to work considerably harder than if you went for a cycle ride alone.

Where is your favourite spot to refuel?

Currently, all of my food is suppled to me by the Sumalee Ringside Restaurant meal prepping service.  The time had come to lose a few kilos and this service is an excellent way to achieve this goal.  My personal experience has been that one of the biggest barriers to losing weight in long term is meal planning.  This service takes this barrier way.  There is plenty of variety and the meals are filling and nutritious.

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