UNIT NINE’S Five mins with our favourites – Will Tomlinson

Boxing is our thing, we are obsessed with getting our sweat on whilst punching it out on either the pads or the heavy bags.  We have been lucky enough to train at Tribute Boxing & Fitness in Melbourne with Will Tomlinson.  Tribute is taking Melbourne by storm it makes you feel like you are in New York city with its super cool facilities, owned and operated by former IBO super featherweight world champion Will Tomlinson and well regarded strength coach Jay Milford Robinson.

Meet Will Tomlinson!

How did you originally get into boxing and how long have you been doing it for?


I started boxing back when I was 12 years old. I was just a young fiery kid who loved to fight! I fought for 18 years in total. 9 years as an amateur and 9 years as a pro.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your boxing career?

The standout would be winning the IBO World Title back in 2011. I then had 3 successful defences of that title before being signed by U.S promoter Golden Boy promotions on a 5 fight contract which had me fighting in Vegas, on HBO which was a great experience.

How did you come to opening Tribute Boxing & Fitness?

I knew that I was always going to open a gym/s eventually. I have learnt so many great things through my time in the sport it would be criminal not to pass them on.

What are the biggest benefits you get from boxing?


In my opinion Boxing is the ultimate workout. It’s a full body burn, great cardio and excellent for building lean, toned muscle. You also get to learn a new skill. You can feel your self getting better each session, learning new punches, new combos, hitting harder and faster etc. and that’s what I have found keeps my members engaged and coming back for more. 

How do you balance your time between your running Tribute, training people and all your other business ventures?

That is a tricky balance I’m still trying to find. Between Tribute Abbotsford, setting up Tribute Collins Square, my restaurant Hunters Harvest and my Wedding in October things are pretty hectic for me and my fiancé Jess right now. Building a good support team around you is very important if you are planning on doing multiple things at once.

What next for Tribute Boxing & Fitness?


We have our second site opening in the Melbourne CBD development Collins Square in late November. We are planning to get that one operating to the same level as Abbotsford then look to open a 3rd site around mid 2018.

What other form of training do you do?

No other form of training. Just boxing, boxing and more boxing.

Where else do you get your sweat on? 

Aside from boxing in the gym, occasionally I will go for a run or a swim, but outside of boxing it’s all kinds of light recovery work.

Where is your favourite spot to refuel (we know you love your food!)?

Ok, were do I start. I will give you my best breakfast, lunch and dinner spots in Melbourne. Breakfast at the moment would be Common Galaxia in Seddon, lunch at my restaurant Hunters Harvest! also in Seddon and for dinner, I love a place called the Fitzroy Town Hall hotel.

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