UNIT NINE’s top boxing spots

Boxing is really taking off in Australia as a way to get fit and one of the best total body workouts you’ll experience. One thing to watch out for though, is that boxing is highly addictive! Here are some of our current favourites:

Transpose Fitness, Sydney

We train with the fierce Transpose Fitness duo (Zach Vickers and Siannon Pallister) a few times a week to get a real sweat on. They offer one-on-one, semi-private and small-group classes and all levels of fitness are welcome. Best of all there is a real focus on technique rather than speed and brute force, but don’t get me wrong you get a real workout/workover and are a sweaty mess at the end!

The training is in an amazing location in North Bondi on top of the boat ramp, it must be one of the best locations to punch your stress away at the end of a day. Go and check them out!



Bondi Boxing Club, Sydney

We train at Bondi Boxing Club in the mornings to start the day off the right way. Everyone is welcome at Bondi Boxing Club no matter what level you are at. The club has over 30 registered fighters and has delivered a number of champion fighters. 

The workout is 45 mins of a variety of pad combinations and heavy bag, with is a strong focus on great technique.  Tony Del Vecchio owns the club and is an absolute legend, hilarious, super talented and makes time for everyone in the class.




Tribute Boxing and Fitness, Melbourne

Tribute makes you feel like you are in New York city with its super smick facilities, owned and operated by former IBO super featherweight world champion Will Tomlinson and regarded strength coach Jay Milford Robinson.

The sessions ensure you work up a crazy sweat and never get bored as they are a mixture of boxing, HIIT and functional training. More locations are opening soon in Melbourne and we are just waiting for them to come to Sydney next please!



Fight Fit Boxing Centre, Melbourne

FightFit is a no nonsense boxing gym that caters for all levels. Their expert trainers, all with Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA fights under their belt, will teach you proper technique and help you develop your boxing skills whether you are a regular or a first timer. Their awesome sweat sessions incorporate pad combinations, heavy bag drills and some killer core drills to improve your overall fitness.

They have facilities in South Melbourne & Collingwood where their classes will get you stronger, fitter and develop your boxing skills. 



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