This week we launched our Sweat packs and new boxing range at the awesome SAVAGE TRAINING studio in Potts Point, Sydney.  We had trainers Sarah and Freddie take us through some seriously sweat inducing workouts.



Boxing instructor, Freddie firstly taught us how to wrap our hands correctly to avoid injury and then proceeded to smash us with boxing drills and burpees!  Strength coach, Sarah used the gear in our sweat packs to teach us how to activate our lazy glutes and then took us through a training session where we sure did feel the burn!


 We had so much fun in each session and worked up a CRAZY sweat. 



Our friends Tonic Alchemy, Chief Bar, Mojo and Bareballs  then treated us to  some amazing drinks and treats to help with recovery.



Thanks to everyone who came along, Justin for having us at Savage Training and of course the AMAZING Sarah and Freddie who took the sweat sessions!

New products are on their way, so watch this space!!!

U9 xxx


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