UNIT NINE'S 5 mins with our favourites - Scottie Hendo

What does a typical work week look like for you?

We don’t really have a 9-5 typical routine, but more a from when we wake until when we sleep mentality, because we’re lucky enough to work in an industry that we’re obsessed with. Work and life for us are one and the same, and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. In the past 4 years, even our holidays are work related!

I’ll usually have between 3-4 mini photoshoots per week in different gyms or outdoor locations, centring around producing sport and fitness content, working with incredible athletes and entrepreneurs.

How do you balance your week between the PR business, All I Sea, photography and training?

Merging my business with Keri Kitay 3 years ago was without question the best decision of my professional life, and the partnership has allowed us to expand our avenues of work within the health and fitness industry exponentially. Having a business partner with her skillset, patience and determination is extremely rare, and our combined skillset and shared values has allowed us to take on a lot more than we could singularly.

To maintain the balance, we try to combine all elements of our different ventures wherever we can. We’re big believers in collaborations. At the end of the day, through all our businesses are created in an effort to enable Australians to live a healthy and active life, and this is reflected in the brands we work with, our product, the content we create, and the training we hit. Our clients and partners all have the same end goal, so there is a lot of potential for creative cross over between all facets in an ongoing effort to spread this message, and none of these aspects works in isolation.

What made you get into photography?

Early on in my career I was lucky enough to be involved in marketing and events for Nikon, so got the opportunity to enjoy hands on experience with some of Australia’s top photographers. From there, my routine evolved to heading down to the beach each morning at sunrise after the gym, and with my camera in the car I began taking photos of surfers during the great waves of the winter months. 

What do you love to shoot?

I love to shoot real, authentic and brutal workouts. There is such a difference between staged workout shots and photos taken of real athletes and trainers slogging it out in the gym. Fitness isn’t necessarily pretty, and that’s what I love about it. The raw emotion and pain on the face of an athlete when they’re pushing themselves to the limit…… you can’t fake that!

How often do you train per week and what is your favourite form of training?

I make sure I get to the gym once a day, and if I can fit in a second session in around work, I’ll definitely make it happen. I follow a CrossFit program, and I am addicted. The training really targets everything, from heavy lifting to aerobic conditioning, and as far as functionality for life, nothing beats it. You can’t hide behind strength or conditioning alone, you have to train every aspect of fitness.

Where do you get your sweat on?

I train at 98 Riley St gym. I’ve never experience a gym like it, and that comes down to the community and culture of commitment and authenticity that they’ve created. Some of the greatest athletes in the country train there, but all egos are checked at the door and the support you get from the trainers and fellow members is something I’ve never experienced before.

If work schedule allows, I also try to get to at least one boxing session per week with Transpose Fitness at Bondi Beach. The outdoor location, great workout, and coaches are pretty hard to pass up, and it’s a great variety to my own training.

Where is your favourite spot to refuel?

This is the toughest question so far, only because I love to “refuel” (aka EAT!) and I’ve never met a food that I didn’t like. At the moment, I’m in the habit of visiting Vida in Bondi before and after workouts. I’d probably go during too if it was possible. I love the relaxed surf culture, and the menu has all of my favourite foods; acai bowls, eggs, poke bowls, eggs, raw treats, and eggs.


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