Welcome to UNIT NINE

Who are we?

UNIT NINE is an Australian brand that is shaking up the everyday sports accessories market by creating high quality, fun, unique and sweat inducing sports gear. We want to inspire people to start moving, get sweaty and have lots of fun while doing it.
We believe an active lifestyle can improve your state of mind. So instead of gulping down your morning soy, double shot, low fat, extra frothy organic latte to cope with life, you can sip it slowly, smile and wave at the d… head that just cut you off in traffic. It also helps improve the rig, so no more gasping for air whilst sprinting to the bar to get your frosé.
UNIT NINE came about from my (Anna) love of training and addiction to buying sports gear (I have a lot of the stuff). I couldn't quite find any I loved that was also great quality, so the dream started taking shape in April 2016, researching products, designs, colours and manufacturers. I teamed up with Ewan in July of the same year and we developed our own range of sports accessory gear!
We train hard, laugh lots, eat even more and dream BIG. We firmly believe in balance and that being active and healthy doesn't have to be super serious. The two of us met in 2010 whilst looking for flatmates and have become awesome friends over the years and yes we live in UNIT NINE.


What is our favourite way to get sweaty?

Anna - either a super sweaty vinyasa flow class or a HIIT session

Ewan - a boxing class or hot yoga session

Where is our favourite spot to get a sweat on?

Anna - Symetrie for HIIT in Clovelly, boxing with Transpose Fitness in Bondi or yoga at This is Yoga in Clovelly

Ewan - Symetrie for boxing and This is Yoga for yoga

What is our motto and why?  

LET’S GET SWEATY, it’s simple we want people to get moving, be active and essentially sweat, so that can be walking, running, yoga, skipping it really doesn’t matter.

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