We have spent a long time creating our epic yoga mats and we wanted to share a little more about our rubber and suede like top yoga mats, so you can make the right choice for you.

Firstly, we have the striking and super soft suede like top yoga mat, you can't miss this in your local yoga or pilates studio and don't get too freaked out if people keep looking over at you and your mat whilst you are mid flow!

You can use our suede like top mats for yoga, pilates and they are also great for when you need  to stretch in front of the TV.  The hotter and sweatier it is, the tighter this baby grips and its long enough for your man to give yoga a go on it too.

Don't worry its made of biodegradable, recyclable natural tree rubber with a soft suede surface printed using water based fade resistant inks. Latex, silicone, pvc, chlorine and phthalates FREE!

One of the best things about our mat is you can pop them in the washing machine for a gentle cold wash and hang out to dry or simply just wipe down with a damp cloth.

Enough from us hear some words from some of our favourite yoga and pilates experts.

 "I love using my UNIT NINE suede top mat when I use my sliders because most of our house has tiled flooring.  The suede mats are also great for travel as they're a little more compact and lighter than the rubber mats." Pilates Instructor Christy Glenn 

"I did my yoga training on one of U9' beautiful suede top mat and I honestly have such a strong emotional connection to it. We were hot and sweaty the entire day, which is perfect with a suede like top yoga mat as it makes the grip incredibly firm, but at the same time you can move around easily and don't get stuck either.  It is also a bit thicker than most mats, so its super comfy in Shavasana" Stef Jung AKA Wholesomestef

Next we have our super cool rubber mats, which not only have different patterns engraved on them but you can also get your initials engraved on them......

Our rubber mats are super grippy with great support and one of the best things is they don't stink your home out  with their rubber smell!  They are made of environmentally-friendly PU rubber and are super easy to clean you just wipe it down using a cloth and some water.

Stef Jung AKA Wholesomestef said, "The rubber mat is slightly thinner than the Suede mat, so it’s my preferred choice when I’m out and about with my mat. It’s also a little bitter easier to keep clean, which is a great bonus! Plus, you get the option to engrave your initials on the rubber mat, who wouldn’t want that? "

If you want to find out more about UNIT NINE yoga mats take a look at the links below

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