The boxing craze amongst celebrities is real, with the likes of Mandy Moore, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid crediting their toned bodies to boxing. 

If you are after a full body workout that targets every muscle group, look no further than throwing some gloves on and get boxing. It will help you to slim and tone while throwing punches and its a great way to reduce your stress levels and improve your coordinating and concentration.

What do you need to get boxing? 

We’ll assume you have sports clothes and regular runners and you will not be jumping into the ring for some sparring sessions in the near future.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are the most essential piece of gear needed for a boxing session from everyday in-class activities such as bag work and mitt work. Get a good quality pair that will last, otherwise you’ll be up for a new pair real soon as the cheap ones disintegrate on the bag and they stink!  Our 12oz UNIT NINE gloves are made from premium quality leather, three-layer foam system to protect your hands and a large velcro wrist closure for a secure fit.


Boxing wraps

These are essential to protect your hands and wrists from injury, which could vary from a simple sprain to a potential break. We offer two types of wraps: 1) Traditional hand wraps made from high quality cotton, 4m long with a loop thumb strap that ensures ease of use and a Velcro wrist closure for a secure fit; 2) Quick wraps – they are quick and easy to put on and made from high quality cotton, has padded knuckles for extra protection and a wrist strap fitted with a velcro closure for a secure fit.


Skipping rope

The humble skipping rope is a mainstay in boxing gyms and is a great way to warm up, but will also help in developing your coordination and footwork.We have a great little skipping rope to get the blood flowing and warm you up before your next boxing session.


For the ultimate starter kit look no further than UNIT NINE’s boxing packs that will kit you out with gloves, hand wraps and a skipping rope.

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