We love to keep in tip top shape and health at UNIT NINE and this includes us eating nutritious food and drinking juices and tonics to ensure we get all of the nutrients we need to feel great, we are a huge fan of TONIC ALCHEMY


Tell us a little about your business and what it is all about?

Tonic Alchemy was launched in late 2017 with a range of all natural Tonics. These Tonics are carefully crafted to provide your daily dose of functional ingredients with the goal of helping you reach your optimal balance, maintenance and health. At the moment there are 4 Tonics in the range and all are based on nature’s own wonder ingredient – Turmeric!

Why are you so passionate about holistic wellness?

I’ve always been conscious of being proactive rather than reactive to health. By consistently incorporating simple things into your daily routine I believe you are able to make a major difference to both your mental and physical state. Including meditation, yoga, physical activity, setting goals, moving to a predominantly plant based diet; these are the type of simple changes you can do, that over time will make a major difference to your life. That’s how TA came about – being able to provide people with a simple way to take their daily recommended dose of turmeric in a simple ready to drink form.

What is your prize in this collaboration?

A mixed box of 12 of our Tonics plus the winner gets to be the first to trial one of our new powder range (can’t tell you exactly what it is at the moment as we’re keeping that a secret for a little while yet!)

What is next for you?

We have a couple of new tonics we are looking to release in early May as well as a new line of protein/health and wellness powders that will be a little different to any on the market – to say we’re a little excited is an understatement!

Where would we find you getting your sweat on?

I love any outdoors activities but for an all over sweat, Ben from Symetrie in Clovelly operates a fantastic fitness studio 

Where is your favourite spot to refuel?

Village on Cloey is a great spot with a wide variety of healthy meals and great coffee!

Website :www.tonicalchemy.com.au

Instagram handle:@tonicalchemy

Facebook handle:@TonicAlchemy

We had the tasty CHIEF BARS  at our SWEAT PACK launch event at SAVAGE TRAINING earlier this year!


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